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Our Story.

BMN-ROBOTIC is an engineering company specialized in manufacturing of special-bespoke machines (from semi-automatic workstations to fully-automated production lines), mechanical engineering, robotic solution ,automation ,vision solution and CNC milling and turning. we are a leading player in industrial productivity, With our expertise in engineering and development, WE are your key business partner to meet your automation needs and deliver your innovative solution.

What We Do.

BMN-ROBOTIC is a leading company in the design of "Special Machines": robotic production machines, automatic or semi-automatic. Our range of expertise extend from the assisted workstation (semi-automatic) to the fully automated production line. with our dual competence in Automation and Mechanics, our engineers orient their technical choices towards the optimal solution for the design of your Special Machine. As such, we are your partner in the search for productivity, with lower cost.

Manufacturing Special Bespoke Machine

Our engineering team has the knowledge and necessary experience to ensure the success of your project.We design and build single or multiple special machines, from simple holding or assembly fixtures to complex multi-station assembly and test systems.

Mechanical engineering

Our equipment and engineering experience allow us to find solutions for many manufacturing process challenges. We develop various processes. Engineering drawings and related documentation can be delivered in a variety of electronic and printed formats.

Robotic solutions

TURNKEY ROBOTICS solution: -Study and simulation of trajectories -Bespoke design -Programming robots -Wiring of electrical equipment -Commissioning and training -Technical assistance


With the skill and versatility of our team we offer a complete solution : - Study - Manufacturing - Programming - Software application - Support and commissioning.

Visions control

We offer industrial vision control solutions adapted to your needs and we support you in the realization and implementation of these solutions. For us, every issue of industrial vision is a special case. That's why we build with our customers, and this prior to our offers, feasibility drafts.

ALU Profile

Wide range of profiles and accessories for mechanical assemblies.Alu profile, square, fixing nut, plate, handle, wheel ... For a complete project: consult us for quotation from a plan, sketch, etc ... We realize your complete structures.

CNC Turning

BMN-Robotic is specialized in the precision cnc turning of complex parts and components. The core competencies of the factory lie in the cnc machining of turned parts with a minimum turning diameter of 35mm. We are primarily focused on middle-sized production batches.

CNC Milling

BMN-ROBOTIC is your right supplier as far as your requests for milling parts are concerned too The scope of our milling capabilities is set on manufacturing CNC milled parts with minimum dimensions. Please feel free to send us your request for quotation now. You can profit from our expertise in the cnc milling

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